LOVED UP Body Scrub

LOVED UP Body Scrub


with Himalayan Salt, Coconut Oil & Rose
+ Rose & Calendula Petals, Rosewood, Cedarwood & Rosemary Essential Oils, Homeopathic Rose Quartz, Rose Flower Essence, FREYJA Goddess Essence

The LOVED UP Body Scrub is the perfect invitation for a deep self-love experience. Made a little before Venus went into retrograde, this scrub will leave you feeling a little lush, a little sexy, and a lot loved up! While rubbing in all the heart opening goodness that’s been packed in, there is an invitation to intentionally exfoliate away and shed whatever keeps you from embodying full-bodied self love.

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Reviews for the LOVED UP Body Scrub:

Rhiannon: "Just had a bath with your scrub and I feel EXTRA DELICIOUS. It smelt so amazing and I loved the flowers so much! Excited for your release of dat SMOOTH AF body scrub! DAMN I AM DELISH! x"

Peter: "That salt scrub is mint."

Anonymous: *swishes hair back and forth and enters Venus in clam pose* "WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN?"

(Ok, so anonymous *might* have been me.)