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herbal & ritual medicines made in CENTRAL VICTORIA

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small batch  |  handcrafted  |  Magical AF

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FREYJA goddess essence | free goddess ritual | altar | magic | witchcraft | pulse point oils | room sprays

Boldness & Sovereignty

SEDNA Goddess Essence | grief | depths | untangling |deep dive

Untangling & Tending Grief

QUAN YIN Goddess Essence | compassion | being of service | mercy

To Love is to Pray

PERSEPHONE Goddess Essence | Free Goddess Ritual | life/death/life | rebirth | thresholds

Walk the Thresholds

We have all a better guide in ourselves,
if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.
— Jane Austen

I believe that COnnecting with nature, & engaging in conscious acts of ritual, is to find & connect with your true 'self'

As above so below, as within so without. We are beings born of nature - of starstuff, of dirt, of water, of the earth. When we connect with nature, we connect with a deeper, cosmic, all-knowing and all-encompassing intelligent life force that is the best keeper and teacher of wisdom that we could ever ask for.  By connecting with nature, of which we are an extension, we connect in principle and practice to ourselves also. Walking the path of the wise and embodied self must include the natural world, for to deny her is to deny the very fabric of who we are. The web of life force energy that prompts our hearts to beat and our lungs to breathe is the very same one that causes the wind to blow, the seed to know when to grow, the sun to set and the tides to rise. 

Understanding her movement and expression can give us insight into our own being, and we can purposefully meet this ends by utilising plants as medicine in a physical, emotional and ritual sense. Remedy Botanica is dedicated to providing knowledge, wisdom and products that are safe, trusted and true, and was created to facilitate the sacred journey of the body, mind and spirit, regardless of the destination. 

Tell the truth about your wound, and then you will get a truthful picture of the remedy to apply to it... Hold out for the right medicine. You will recognize it because it makes your life stronger rather than weaker.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes, 'Women Who Run With The Wolves'
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It was when I stopped searching for home within others
and lifted the foundations of home within myself
I found there were no roots more intimate
Than those between a mind and body
That have decided to be whole
— Rupi Kaur, The Sun and her Flowers

remedy botanica reviews

“Hey Beccy, just thought I'd drop you a line or ten about your reading from the end of last year. I'm going through it with a fine toothed comb and finding all sorts of gems. Thanks so much for such an in-depth and wise reading.I'm really enjoying seeing it unfold, even the more challenging parts! Your ability to see the patterns, to link them to the seasons, the moons, and the opportunities each of these offers, is extraordinary.”

“Rebecca is a highly skilled and intuitive green witch, deeply connected to her work and path, she held a 13 moon tarot reading and guided me through how my next year would be month to month and what to navigate around and how, it was extremely magical and supportive and I’m so honoured to have had this reading. I can walk into my year knowing what to expect and how to avoid anything that may come up, the way that this reading was done was absolutely beautiful and i felt completely held, thank you Bec 🙏🏼”

“My gorgeous soul sister… your parcel arrived. It is such a divine creation. The magic and potency of the FREYJA essence has truly touched me so deeply. Thank you thank you thank you.”

“The essences arrived today! The energy coming off them when I took them out of the package was almost overwhelming! SEDNA had a message for me. Thank you so much xx”
Elizabeth, SEDNA Goddess Essence

“I bought the loved up body scrub from Kundalini House. A gift for myself, and a true gift it was. I love running myself a bath and soaking in the water. I then love using my loved up body scrub! A gentle exfoliate on my skin that leaves flower petals in the bath. My heart is filled with self-love as my skin feels smooth and nourished from the coconut oil element of the loved up scrub. This is a true gift of self-love to yourself. a high-quality product that allows me to feel loved up. Thank you remedy botanica!”

“I received a reading from Beccy and was blown away by just how much detail and clarification she was able to provide me. It was a much needed confirmation of what the universe has planned for me. I would highly recommend Beccy, she is very professional and intuitive.”

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