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Women's Circle & Drum Journeying - Embracing the Darkness, Welcoming Deep Yin, Dark Moon Prayers

rebecca holly van horssen shamanic drum journey

A Fortnightly Women's Circle & Drum Journeying - theme for August 10: Embracing the Darkness, Welcoming Deep Yin, Dark Moon Prayers


An opportunity to deeply care for, nurture and heal yourself, connect with like minded women, and switch off to the outside world so you can tune in to your inner world. The evening includes varying elements such as a talking circle, drum journey, intuitive development, card reading, magical herbal medicine, witchcraft, and/or guided meditation.

The theme of this circle is embracing darkness, welcoming deep yin. So many beliefs, ideologies and themes in our Western culture dictate fear, misunderstanding and suspicion of that which we cannot see. The dark, the night, difficult places, discomfort - all are to encouraged to be avoided, or moved through as quickly as possible. The 'love and light' attitude is a perfect testament to this. By flooding ourselves with nothing but white light, positive thinking, and emanating love, we bypass the darkness on the other side of the coin (which without, light would not exist), which is just as valuable and essential to a happy, healthy existence. 

In this Circle, on a Dark Moon, we'll be talking about the importance of the dark and the way our fear of it is reflected in our very own feminine or Yin aspects - as these are by nature akin to the darkness and the night. There is a deep river of mistrust of the darkness, and this is perfectly reflected in the repression of the feminine and particularly in our experience of menstruation. Learning to acknowledge, and one day even to embrace the uncomfortable dark places within and around us can be a confronting and yet powerfully liberating experience, equipping us to navigate all manner of dark and difficult terrain, and find a depth of understanding and clarity within ourselves we otherwise wouldn't see. 

We will be calling in Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, and seeking to learn from her sovereignty of this dark, untamed, magical space with a drum journey. We will also be writing our own dark moon prayers, tapping into the potent energy of the threshold, the unseen, the yet to come and the falling away of things.

This Circle may be calling to you if you wish to explore this unseen territory, or if you would like to more deeply understand the dark places you may sometimes find yourself in. It may also resonate with you if you feel called to explore the nature of the sacred feminine, and her many, true faces. 


Please bring with you:
A shawl or something comfy to wrap yourself in to keep warm
A pillow to sit on
Your Journal or an exercise book, and a pen
If you wish - something little to add to the altar that feels important or magical to you, such as a sprig or flower, a crystal, etc, that you can take back home with you at the end.
An open heart & mind <3

6:45 arrival for a strict 7pm start, close is approx. 9:00. Investment is $20, please bring this with you. Please prebook as there is a limited amount of spots available to help keep time!
We will have a pot of herbal tea on to help you keep warm. 


Contact Acorn & Oak on 0407 811 353
Or Rebecca at 0430 572 244 / / @rebeccaholly_vh

rebecca holly van horssen

Rebecca Holly van Horssen is a Naturopath and Kinesiologist by trade, and a healer, witch and magic-maker by heart. She loves working to empower women to step into a more embodied experience of their feminine nature, and to help them find a natural, pain-free, and  insightful menstrual experience.  Rebecca has seen how this positive change can also manifest a deeper connection with your intuition and authentic self, allowing you to feel more grounded and in alignment with your purpose and true self.  Rebecca is currently undertaking the Four Seasons Journey as a student of the School of Shamanic Womancraft, and can often be found drumming by the ocean at dusk.