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Remedy Botanica's range of essences and energetic medicines are designed to guide you in the search for insight, clarity, and a deeper connection with yourself. Ritual is a powerful practice of self-empowerment and discovery, and having the right tools around you can help you direct you energy, and manifest your intentions. Calling in a particular energy, guide, figure, nature spirit or divinity is a creative and potent way of tapping into both our own psyche, and the archetypes that exist in the collective unconsciousness which are available for us to draw upon at any time. 



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You might already be familiar with Rescue Remedy from the Bach Flower Essence range, or Emergency Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Remedy Botanica's flower essences are hand-made in small batches, and each one has it's own little bit of extra magic infused depending on the nature of the plant, and what called to be included in its making. Some are infused under the sun, some under a particular phase of the moon, some with the help of certain crystals, some in special places in nature. Each one has its own story, and its own connection with the earth, making it a potent alchemical vibrational medicine.

Using flower essences is like calling on the energetic blueprint of the flower, to encourage our own body's energy to be more in alignment, or in harmony with the healed version of an emotional, mental or spiritual state. 

For an in depth look into the nature of flower essences, head to the blog post at the bottom of the page called 'How to Make, Use, Store & Understand Flower Essences'.

SHOULD I GET an essence, mist or pulse point oil?

Essence: Taken internally, to embody within you the elements, character or strengths of your chosen archetype. Does not contain any plant material such as herbs or essential oils, is 100% vibrational. Can be taken internally, added to baths, used topically (such as on specific chakras or on wrists), added to a glass of water, or used in ritual practices.

Mist: Sprayed around your body or within a space, to call the energy in and around you. Connect with the scent of the essential oil blend, designed in mind of the archetype's qualities. Powerful to use in formal ritual,  during meditation, or when holding the space of a group such as in women's circles or workshops.

Pulse Point Oil: Roll a little over your wrists, neck or feet. To mindfully call upon the presence and strength of your chosen essence/archetype, while connecting to the essential oil blend, designed specifically to match the energy of the archetype. Perfect to travel with, easy to use, discreet and portable.



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Similar to flower essences in principle and application, Remedy Botanica's Goddess Essences are a unique alchemical creation, ritually developed and created from inception through to the finished substance. 

Every essence was guided by the character, energy and spirit of each individual goddess, so they are all different and holding of their own magical imprint. 

Using a Goddess Essence is like calling them in on a direct line to access their energy, story, strengths and attributes. It is also a divine way of embracing the sacred feminine, and honouring the 'many faces of the goddess' within and without you. 


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