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Calling in Freyja - Boldness, Way-faring, Passion

Freyja holds a unique medicine. She has a soft, sensual heart, as well as the ability to fearlessly defend herself, and fight for what she needs, desires and believes in. To effortlessly stand in her truth, know her heart and mind clearly, and not flinch if the time comes to defend it. To be able to embody compassion while not shying away from wielding the anger or self-respect needed to defend ourselves is largely a lost art.

For me, Freyja is who I call upon her when I am in need of help maintaining healthy boundaries, when I really need to back myself in a belief or dispute, or when i am at risk of folding my needs or desires to make someone else happy or ok at my expense. She sets me straight (I literally feel myself standing taller after calling her!) and reminds me of the hows and whys I need to follow my heart and mind. She is also a close sister when I am struggling to step into an element of my sexuality, or if I'm feeling shy in my body, and gives me the confidence and self-belief to strongly soften into myself. Many times she has empowered me to clear a path to find myself, and then protect and defend myself with everything I have.

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