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The Wild Path of the Sacred Feminine - The Wild Mirror, Surrendering, & Being of Service in a Patriarchal Paradigm

The wild path of the Sacred Feminine. Treading places unseen, unknown, deeply mysterious and yet achingly familiar and so very longed for. Our overwhelmingly patriarchal western world leaves little room for ‘believing in’ these wild, magical ways, led alone for engaging with, embracing or inviting them in to our lives without cynicism, ridicule, doubt or judgement, either from ourselves, others or both. And yet the realness and sense of absolute necessity deep within us - the drive to connect with this path as a matter of fact - can be facilitated with far greater ease, and more profoundly obvious, clear and tangible results than we can even begin to imagine.

Our wild places do not need tending, fencing, managing. The shadowy tangled pathways within us and outside of us do not need pruning, dead-heading, cutting back. They also don’t need our ignorance, pretending they don’t exist, or wishing they were something other than what they are for the sake of ease or comfort or pleasure. They need our acceptance, gentleness, understanding, honouring. They need to be valued and protected for the absolutely essential role that they play in our very existence. The paths of the Sacred Feminine need the space and protection to be exactly as they are, allowed to be and move and dance as she will, with no expectation of change or facilitation for the sake of others, to become more useful, to give us a more palatable and yet dishonest experience of what she is. She needs to be allowed to be what she is at her very core. No more, and no less. We are the wild, and the wild is us. When we bridge this artificial induced separation we open a portal for growth, expansion and connection back to the source of all things, and back to ourselves.

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