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rebecca van horssen

Herbalist. Healer. Naturopath. witch.



Hello there!
I am Rebecca Holly, Naturopath, Herbalist, and Kinesiologist by trade, and a healer, witch and magic-maker at heart.  I am a Capricorn in the first degree, with Leo Rising and a Taurean Moon.  Australian born, with lineages shared between Holland and Germany. I am the eldest female representative of my matrilineal line. 
I am a reader, a gamer, a writer, a healer, a feminist, a wide-eyed student of nature.  A witch in the process of reclaiming this wise old way, pitching myself through both the fear and the wonder of this name and all it means and all it's ever meant.  A woman who has been distracted by learning and consuming and gathering long enough, and is now turning to the unlearning and unravelling which must take place to move forward, toward a truer, deeper knowing. 
My life's work, as i know it to be in this moment, still a fledgling, is to support both myself and others in the reclaiming of the deep, authentic self.  Most often, this is about healing the feminine nature, our wild spirit, and bridging the gap between the deficit that our modern lives imposes on our spirits, and the deep calling of our hearts for a life more truly embodied and lived. It's about reconnecting with the natural workings, movement and cycles of our earth, which is mirrored by the cycles within us. 
It is so heart warming to show myself to you, and to share my journey.

So much love,

Rebecca Holly xx

Rebecca van Horssen

Rebecca Holly van Horssen is a Naturopath and Kinesiologist, and has been practicing for over 5 years.  She loves working to empower women to step into a more embodied experience of their feminine nature, and to help them find a natural, pain-free, and  insightful menstrual experience.  Rebecca has seen how this positive change can also manifest a deeper connection with your intuition and authentic self, allowing you to feel more grounded and in alignment with your purpose and true self.  Rebecca is currently undertaking the Four Seasons Journey as a student of the School of Shamanic Womancraft, and can often be found drumming by the ocean at dusk. 



Rebecca is a practising naturopath & kinesiologist in Melbourne

training and certifications include:

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) - completed  2014

Member of the Naturopath's and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Cert IV Kinesiology - completed  2012   //   Reiki Level 1 Initiate - completed 2014

Graduate & Apprentice of the School of Shamanic Womancraft - 4 Seasons Journey





visit the apothecary to see the range of plant & Ritual medicines

seasonal Products & offerings may include:

Herbal Medicines such as Tea Blends, Infused Oils, Salves, and other preparations such as Fire Cider, Oxymels, Infused Honeys and Vinegars

Energetic Plant & Stone Medicines such as Flower & Gem Essences

Self-Care Medicines such as Bath Salts, Hair Washes, and Body Scrubs

Ritual Medicines such as Goddess Essences, Smudge Sticks, Ritual Oils, Evokation & Space Clearing Mists, and more

All apothecary offerings are small batch, handcrafted, Lovingly blended, & sourced locally* & organically.  *A small number of herbs may not be able to be sourced locally depending on growing requirements, and are used sparingly and thoughtfully.



If you would like to stay in touch and receive updates on new articles, rituals, plant medicines and product offerings, and general magic and botanical comings and goings, then sign up at the bottom of the page to join the Remedy Botanica Circle. 

In social media I am most active on Instagram as @ rebeccaholly_vh , but can also be found on Facebook as Remedy Botanica & Vibrant Naturopathics. 

 workshops, courses & circles

rebecca facilitates and co-creates events on themes such as:

Plant Medicine & Magic for the Kitchen Witch

Plant Allies and Ritual for the Seasons, Solstices & Equinoxes

Ritual Feminine Medicine, Drum Journeying, Women's Circles


Remedy botanica origin story

ritual essence melbourne

It all started when…

One Christmas, I decided to make all my gifts instead of buying them. I was halfway through my Naturopathic degree and was experimenting with different herbal medicine recipes - and who better to test your new ideas on then your family, right? I made creams, teas, body butters, room sprays, face scrubs, flower essences, hangover cures and lip balms, and I was very surprised to find that it wasn't just me who loved them! I started getting requests for more of the after-sun cream, a couple of gift bags for my friend's friends next Christmas, and an extra big container of hangover cure capsules. I took my wares with their handwritten labels to markets and festivals, and created an Etsy store. As much as I loved creating for Remedy Botanica, I had to put the apothecary on hiatus while I focused on Naturopathic clinic in my last year of uni.

Now 3 years after finishing my degree, I find myself being pulled back more and more into folk medicine, and into a more holistic and energetic way of practice, and I have rebuilt Remedy Botanica to reflect that. It has been like coming home. There is so much more to herbal medicine than standardised extracts, high doses and heroic medicine. 

It is time to reclaim this ancient medicine in all it's gentle, powerful, magical glory, and the stories, rituals, and ways of being that demonstrate a life lived as nature's ally and partner.

women's circle fitzroy

The lifeblood and philosophies that underpins remedy botanica's values are thus:

Remedy Botanica respects and follows the old ways of natural folk medicine - of the wise woman, of the witch, of simple kitchen medicine and traditional knowledge.

Remedy Botanica does it's best to utilise local, abundantly available, seasonally appropriate material. Working with small, handcrafted batches, mindfully foraged, gathered or grown materials, sustainable practices and deep respect is evident in every aspect of making and sharing our medicines.

Listening to and receiving guidance from the plants themselves is an essential element of medicine creation, plant foraging, and knowledge sharing. Sometimes the deepest learning of a medicine is not to pick it, take it or consume it, but to sit gently with it and listen to it's story. 

Remedy Botanica recognises and witnesses the very real magic and vital life force in all earthly beings, and celebrates this wisdom openly and with joy.

That each person has the innate capacity to heal and grow through knowing themselves and the world around them more deeply is a central value.


I see the wise woman. And she sees me.
She smiles from shrines in a thousand places.
she is buried in the ground of every country.
she flows in every river and pulses every stream.
The wise woman’s robe flows down your back, centering you in the ever-changing, ever-spiralling mystery.
Everywhere i look, the wise woman looks back.
and she smiles.
— susun s. weed, Healing Wise